- Hello Fellow Music Lovers -

Over the next few months I am filling space between my band’s tour schedule with private lessons/instruction on mandolin, fiddle and guitar.

From my experience, I find that people get the most out of a 1.5 hour session. There’s more time to connect and for students to figure out how to apply the info thats being given. It’s all about application, usage, and real world trial & error to really become a better player. 

I like be as affordable as I can for folks. And try my best to give my students something they won’t get anywhere else.

Let me know if you’re ready to make music and let's schedule some time. 

Musically, Frank Solivan

INSTRUMENTS: Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar


COST: $100

ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: Cash, Credit Card, PayPal

TO SCHEDULE A LESSON: Email Phil Chorney for availability.